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Congrats to our latest Easy VIP winners (look for an email with more info!)


October 13: $75 Gift Certificate for Ricco Cash and Carry – Sarah Allen, Tracey Gibson

October 13: Stratford Chocolate Trail Tour – Ashley Martins, Adina Helmer, Monica Viglianti, Zowie Douglas, Kathryn Peter

October 5: $25 Gift Certificate for Grandmas Oven – Lisa Novakowski, Rosemary Littleton, Anita VanDerHoeven, Lorraine Embury, Mark Ross

October 5: $40 Gift Certificate for First Choice Haircutters – Mary Banman, Lynne Foell, Melanie Finlay, Catherine Smith, Lesley Malcolm


September 8: Hydra Facial From London Laser – Eva Palmer

September 8: Hot Air Balloon Ride from Sundance Balloons – Peg Roth

September 8: Tickets and Treats to Landmark Cinemas – Ashley Martins, Kathy Irwin, Doris McKay, Cassidy Skinner, Tara Piper



August 31: Tickets and treats to Landmark Cinemas: Amanda Chung, Sylvia Michell, Vicki General, Charlotte Dunn, Lori Keddy


July 27: Sleep Country – Mary Holden

July 27: Harris Jewellers – Lisa Novakowski

July 6: Aylmer Tire – Jessie Vinnins



June 22: Sleep Country – Erica Pennycook

June 15: Apropos & Apropos for Men – Lillian Wiggers, Patrick Vanhie, Cathy Trottier

June 8: Spruce Lane Motor Products – Kelly McFadden, Julie Gowers



April 6: Grandma’s Oven – Cayla Smith, Adam Bezaire, Diana Kriznic



March 23: Mugford Shoes – Anita Clark

March 23: St Thomas Roadhouse – Jenn Kerhoulas, Brianne Bennett

March 9: St Thomas Roadhouse – Irene Deboer

March 2: Boler Mountain – Christine Collard, Deena Cairns

March 2: Spruce Lane Motor Products – Lydia Neeb, Brent Nancekivell



February 24: Boler Mountain – Tony Sousa, Stacey Lewis, Susan Nguyen

February 18: Boler Mountain – Heather Woolford

February 18: Disney on Ice: Bill Burley, Candida Coehlo, Candice Avola-Lyons, Lorrie Donald, Tasha Cyopeck

February 10: London RV Show – Brittan W, Dawn George, Jody Daniel, Bob Hildenbrand, Joshua Logan

February 10: Theatre Woodstock – Linda Davis

February 10: Grandma’s Oven – Danielle Johnston, Melissa Boesterd, Christi-Anne Dlouhy, Kim Knapp, Elizabeth Haggart

February 10: Boler Mountain – Adam Lamb

February 10: Landmark Cinemas – Cindy Davis, Joannee Bowlby, Lucinda Bohan, Walt Straub, Patricia Newbigging

February 3: Boler Mountain – Jessie Vinnins

February 3: Sleep Country – Susan Fletcher

February 3: KidzBop – Anissa Townson, April Cole, Colleen Swartz, Danielle Johnston, Michele Avon



January 27: Boler Mountain – Andrea Wright, Sharon Craig, Jennifer Howard, Matt Gillian

January 27: Lifestyle Home Show – Beth Rickett, Lucinda Bohan, Kevin Bechard, Tya Lothi, Erin Seabrook, Stacey Hutton, Claire Gulliver, Janet Meyerink, Marni Maxfield, Nancy Delaurier

January 27: Disney on Ice – Laurie Gryb

January 27: Hall & Oates – Carrie Langdon, Janine Morrison, Laurie Page, Jennifer Beckett, Sarah Ellis-Pierron

January 20: Lighthouse Festival Theatre – Sylvia Michell, Antoinette Martin, Tracey Gibson

January 13: Princess Ball – Chantell Lamb, Amanda Molesworth, Nydia Oliver, Linsey Allin

January 13: London Wine & Food – Elizabeth Mailer, Melanie Finlay, Andrew Jones, Sarah Santos, Sandy Varin, Heather Stover, Mary Willan, Taryn Oakey



December 16: Harry Potter – Kathryn Yaw, Heather Woolford

December 16: TSC – Sharon Craig

December 16: Woodstock BIA – Leanne Peters

December 16: Landmark Cinemas – Heidi Koster, Sara Studer

December 16: Grandma’s Oven – Erin Seabrook, Melanie Finlay, Lori Smith, Kevin Bechard, Jen Harrison

December 9: Spruce Lane Motor Products – Carolyn Tebokkel

December 9: Chicago & Rick Springfield – Nicole Wiencken, Karen Demaree, Sharon Craig, Donna Flynn, Jo-Anne Bishop

December 2: R-Safety – Josh Telford




If you have any questions about your prize please EMAIL Elizabeth or call 519-907-1104