Congrats to our latest winners (look for an email with more info!)



Norfolk Eat & Drink:

April 1st 2024 – Mary Hietkamp, Brian Jacklin

April 3rd – Clarissa Morgan, Adam Lamb, Chris Wray



Switchin Your Kitchen’ with Hurley’s:

March 19th 2024 – Ashleigh Zylstra


Meghan Trainor:

March 18th 2024 – Tammy Pyatt

March 19th – Jaedyn Laanstra

March 20th – Rebecca Skeldoch

March 21st – Stephanie O’Leary

March 22nd – Andy Saad


Family Four Pack of The Factory Tickets:

March 12th 2024 – Marcy MacKay

March 14 – April Cole


TLC/Joey & AJ Caesars Winners:

March 5th 2024 – Shawna Berlin, Erica Lamb, Amanda Wright, Kristen Draper, Garrett Vanhooren, Michael Cadieux,

March 6th – Chantell Lamb, Laurie Greenen

March 7th – Lily Buckeridge

March 8th – Regina Markle



Mini Pop Kids Tickets:

February 5th 2024 – Karolina Stepien, Michael Webb, Lorri Dowden

February 6th – Costa Poulopoulos

February 7th – Trina Ruthes



Wine & Food Show Tickets:

January 8th 2024 – Jessica Holmes, Yvette Mahieu

January 9th – Angela Decker. Jim Sheridan

January 10th – Marsha Stringfellow

January 11th – Danielle Schleich

January 12th – Dionisio Mendoza


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