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Drum Roll please …we have the results!

If you haven’t been following along, a couple of weeks ago I got curious about whether my snoring might be caused by something a little more serious called Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which is when your airway gets blocked when you sleep, and you actually stop breathing several times a night.

So for the sake of my health and my romantic relationship, I went to Dr Rondeau and Associates and got an at-home sleep test.


I was really surprised that you didn’t need a referral to see them, just made an appointment for some preliminary tests and got to take the test in the comfort of my own bed.


I was afraid,  when I got my tests back I would be stuck wearing a CPAP Machine.   My dad wears one of these and to me it seemed like a nightmare; they are cumbersome, unattractive, uncomfortable AND my dad sounds like Darth Vader when he wears it.  Pretty sure my partner, Chris, doesn’t have a thing for Darth Vader!  What I ended up learning though, is that there are alternatives to the CPAP machine. It all comes down to the severity of your sleep apnea.

If your apnea is mild or moderate, Dr Rondeau can make you an oral appliance, that is kind of like a night guard.  There are a few different types of appliances, but basically they change the position of your jaw and tongue to help keep your airway clear. I am way more on-board for this option.


Now time for the results. Sleep apnea is classified in three ways.

  • Severe which means you stop breathing more than 30 times an hour
  • Moderate between 15 and 30
  • Mild between 5 and 15

Turns out, I’m mild!   The only time I’ve been excited to be an underachiever!  I do snore a lot though, about a third of the night, but I don’t stop breathing very often.  So Dr. Rondeau says it’s really up to me what we do next.  I can go ahead and get an appliance and it will cut back on my snoring and my partner’s complaints or we can keep and eye on it.  Whatever I do decide, I know I’m going to sleep a lot better after getting my results.  If you’re worried about your snoring, I would definitely give Dr Rondeau and Associates a call at 519-455-4110.

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