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I did it, I did my sleep test and it was way easier and way more restful than I had expected.

If you haven’t been following along on this journey, one of the promises I made to myself this New Year was to make small, manageable but measurable changes to improve my health.  Unfortunately, I’m a snorer and I have heard Dr Rondeau’s commercials on EASY 101.3.  I started to wondered if my snoring might be a sign of sleep apnea which can cause some major health issues over time. So rather than continuing to avoid the issue, I decided to take control and called Dr. Rondeau’s office.  I was surprised that you don’t need a referral to see him. It’s as easy as a call into his office and I was quickly scheduled for some preliminary tests. After an appointment, Dr Rondeau and his team sent me home with an easy to use, at-home sleep test device.



My father has sleep apnea and he has often talked about how unpleasant his sleep test was.   He had to go to a sleep clinic and spend a night in a foreign bed.  Can you imagine trying to get a good nights sleep in a cubicle surrounded by other snorers?   He also talked to me about all the wires they strap to you and how you can’t move all night.  He had a horrible time.  So I was bracing for a pretty terrible experience but it was sooooooo easy and so nice to follow my regular routine and sleep in my own bed!  I love my bed!



Dr Rondeau’s team made sure to fit the device for my head before I left his office, so once you brush your teeth for the night you just strap it on, put the oxygen tube under your nose and Night Night!




No matter how you sleep, back or side, the device measures sound and also your oxygen level to see if you’re having any interruptions in your breathing.   I woke up the next day feeling refreshed and happy and HOME.    Now…we wait for the results!

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