London Police have released new information about a shocking murder over the weekend.

In what sounds like a coordinated and targeted attack, police say two vehicles pulled up to a home at 232 Pochard Lane, near Clarke and Gore, around 4:45 a.m. Sunday.

Investigators say four suspects forced their way inside the home, where there was some kind of a confrontation and one person was beaten and then shot.

The victim was later rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He has since been identified as 44-year-old Bill Horace of Toronto.

Police say other family members were also inside the home at the time of the assault.

The suspects are described as all being black males, at least three of them wearing black masks and hoodies.

Anyone with more information or surveillance video from the area is being asked to reach out to London Police or Crime Stoppers.

This is London`s second homicide of 2020.