We need fun in our lives right now.  Sometimes the trick is coming up with ways to help you make that happen around your household, and keep it fresh and exciting.

Well how about this?  A drawing contest, with a purpose, and their work up in lights for all to see.

Pictures by your kiddos are wanted, to spread messages of positivity, while at the same time extending financial aid to worthy causes that are help those in need.
It’s called: “A Big Picture”.  In this drawing contest, your kid’s creativity will be added to social media, websites, and other mediums for all to see.  Awesome, right?
That isn’t even the most fun part.  The top drawing will be voted on by the public and the winner will have his or her drawing put up on an illuminated billboard in downtown Toronto!
Contest is for kids 12 and under and free to participate.

The top 3 winners will each have an opportunity to pick from a list charities to receive a donation; all of these organizations are playing a role in tackling this crisis by helping vulnerable populations.

Your kids need to start getting creative soon, the deadline is Sunday, May 10th.

If you’d like more information, you can find it at: www.abigpicture.ca.

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