Don’t you love discussions about baby names? The way the actual name sounds, can be so very pleasing to the ear.. or not. We have definite reactions to names, don’t we? Especially if we have a bad association with it because of someone we know with that same name. It’s totally understandable why expectant parents don’t want to share the baby names they’ve so carefully picked out. It’s like a sixth sense the way a new parent can actually feel people’s reactions to them, positive or negative, even from the most skilled poker face.

And baby names are interesting too because they’re a true reflection of the mood and trends of our time. Like for example, Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory!  (You think her mom would’ve owned a red bathing suit?)

Some of the trends coming for baby names in 2020 and beyond include shorter names, names from the 20’s and 90’s, and for boys… Scandinavian names.

It’s some fascinating reading right here:

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