Number one: it’s tasty!  Two:  it’s quick.  Three: it’s healthy.

The rest are added bonuses:  ingredients that you likely already have on hand,  most of it can be made in one pan, it’s easy on the budget, AND! it’s tasty like a take-out treat.

This is a go-to recipe I that I really love because ticks all of  those oh-so-important boxes.

I never tire of this one, and you’ll be fighting over the leftovers because EVERYONE likes it.

It’s a Korean Beef Bowl.

It goes by other names too, I’ve heard “Crack Slaw” : ) (someone must REALLY like it), and “Egg Roll in a Bowl”.  Its just good.  You can make adjustments to easily make this no-carb, gluten-free, vegan…

Trust me.   I’ll serve it with rice and I usually add some vegetables in, like peas or fried cabbage.   Or, if you’re not big on the vegetable part, leave them out.

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Korean Beef Bowl






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