Remember in elementary school when your teacher would get the class a couple eggs and you would put under the lights and watch it hatch as a class?  If you’re craving the kind of comfort that nostalgia can bring. What’s better than a 38-minute video of adorable baby animals? Oregon State University just released a live cam showing that baby chicks are hatching and you can watch them take their wobbly first steps.  Check that out daily with the kids here: BABY CHICKS

Have you always wished you were a better artist?  If you have a Disney Fan at home, this is a definite must!   32 Imagineers from Disney Parks are posting online tutorials on how to draw almost ever one of your favourite characters. You’ll learn how to sketch Anna and Elsa from Frozen 2 and classics such as Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, Pluto, and others too. Disney cast members carefully guide you each step of the way; it’s a breeze. Here are some of the videos available on the Disney Parks Youtube account.


Are you looking to get active? The YMCA of Southwestern Ontario has launched a Virtual YMCA – – to maintain its commitment to healthy, active individuals, families and communities during COVID-19 physical distancing measures. The all-in-one site features recommendations on maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit and regular Association updates, and is an access point to the YMCA’s new virtual workout studio – YThrive Home. All resources are free and available to anyone seeking ways to keep active, not only YMCA members.