Regular garbage and recycling pick up continues. Hats off, kudos, props.. to the people doing that work for us!  A reminder that there are some extra steps  we can take right now to safeguard collectors.

From the City of London:

• Bag all used tissues and napkins, and please place in the garbage. Do not place waste loosely in garbage containers.

• If you or someone in your household is feeling unwell, please place items that have been in contact with your mouth, nose or eyes into a bag and then into the garbage. This includes items that you normally place into your Blue Box such as plastic bottles, pop cans and milk or juice containers.

• Reduce the amount of waste placed at the curb – we ask that Londoners place the least amount of garbage at the curb as possible.

• Hold on to bulky waste like furniture, mattresses, couches. Please store these items at your property as long as possible during this time.

• Please respect physical distancing with Sanitation and Recycling Operators and do not approach the vehicle.

And please remember to wash your hands after handling waste or recycling.  Thank you for being accommodating during this time

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