In a news release from Woodstock Agricultural Society and the Woodstock Farmers’ Market, customers are assured that the farmers market will be remaining open this weekend as it has been deemed an essential service. However extra precautions are put in place such as only one member per family will be allowed in the building and there will be no lingering and social aspect of it. Read the full release below:

With consultation with Farmers Market Ontario, South Western Public Health, and our vendors, the Executive of the W.A.S Board of Directors has made the decision to remain open for the March 21st market.

Southwestern Public Health has indicated that we provide an essential service to the community as an additional food source and as such can remain open. To remain open is not a decision that is made easily. We have to balance the need for safety for our customers, staff and vendors with the need for the community to have food options, when stores run low or out. Each individual vendor makes the decision to come or not and their decisions are respected by the Executive. To have as safe an environment as possible, we commit to the following.

Upon recommendation from Southwestern Public Health and the directions from various health agencies we will:
• continue to increase our disinfection routines
• offer hand sanitizers at several locations throughout the building
• limit the number of customers in the market building at one time to 50 people
• encourage everyone to practice social distancing
• Samples and breakfast will not be offered at this time
Please do not come if you:
• have returned home from outside of Canada in the last 14 days
• are experiencing any symptoms of a cold or flu
• have been in close contact with anyone who is sick or has been diagnosed with COVID-19
To ensure that we serve as many customers as possible while we are open:
• ONLY 1 member per family is allowed in the building to shop. If you need assistance please consult the staff at the door
• be purposeful in your shopping and move through as quickly as you can
• do not linger and socialize with friends and vendors
• the seating areas have been removed to facilitate social distancing and to limit the social nature of market
• Senior shoppers will be given priority from 7 am – 8:30 am

Not all vendors have chosen to attend this week. This week was originally to be a condensed version of the Market due to the Home and Garden Show. The show has been cancelled and the vendors who planned to come to the condensed market and some who were able to change their plans once a full market was an option again will be here to serve you.

We do have meat, cheese, baking, eggs, produce, pizza and other options available.

As always, we continue to monitor the outbreak and consult with our partners and stakeholders for best practices. The decision to remain open will be made on a weekly basis. Updates will be posted on our facebook, Instagram and web site pages.

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