While monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19, Woodstock Police want to ensure the public that emergency services remain in effect, however non emergency services will be limited, including the following:


  • We have communicated regularly with, and taken guidance from, the Southwestern Public Health Unit and the Ministry of Health.  To date, this has included closely monitoring the situation and providing frequent updates and guidance to our members on basic precautions to take.
  • Based on present information, we have decided to restrict or modify some non-emergency services.  These measures are aimed at protecting our staff and members of the public to minimize the possibility of human to human transmission of the virus.  All emergency services remain in place.
  • We are asking members of the community to restrict attending Police Headquarters unless absolutely necessary.  We will not be accepting in-person record check applications or in-person Freedom of Information requests at this time.
  • Effective Monday March 16, 2020 if you need to attend Headquarters you may be subject to brief non-intrusive screening related to the COVID-19 health risks.  Please understand this is for the protection and peace of mind of our staff who will be serving you and other members of the public. Please do not attend if you are not well.  If in doubt, call us first.
  • If you telephone the police requesting an officer attend a location you may be asked some additional screening questions related to the COVID-19 health risks before we dispatch an officer.  Again, this is for the protection and peace of mind of our members who may be dispatched to see you.
  • Effective immediately, in order to limit contact with the public and to mitigate potential staffing shortages, we may process some calls for service over the telephone or online instead of having an officer attend.  These decisions will be made on a case by case basis. If members of the public have extraordinary circumstances that require accommodation then we will take all reasonable steps to accommodate those needs. For non-emergency situations, you may file a police report online at https://www.woodstockpolice.ca/index.php/community-service/e-reporting
  • You may see members of our service wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks for their own protection.


A press release also states these decisions will be reassessed regularly and apologize for any inconvenience they may cause.