Every one of us has a dream or two, maybe an aspiration we’ve had since we were younger. It’s something you have always wanted to experience or try, like going horseback riding, travelling across Canada, or even going to Europe.  For me, it’s always been Disney!

Growing up in a one income family with a mom who wasn’t super healthy meant fly away vacations were not really an option.  I can remember a friend of mine would head south every winter her family only to return with their tans, their memorabilia and their stories about just how “Magical” it was there.

I knew it was something that would have to wait until I had kids and finally…the day is here.  I’m now the unofficial step-mom to two beautiful young ladies it was time but I must say I had some reservations.  Our girls are 10 & 12 and not overly adventurous we booked a 4 day trip to Florida but with a short trip and some plans we really only had a day to spend at Disney

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Hilary contemplates an upcoming trip to The Magic Kingdom

Originally Aired: February 16, 2020

Heading on my first trip to Disney you could say I had high expectations and some questions about where to focus our energies. With 1 day to spend at the park we wanted to pack in as much “Magic” as possible and to do so, you really need to consider who your family or travel group is.  Disney World Florida has 4 theme parks and 2 water parks.  When you buy your tickets you can choose either one park per day or their Park Hopper option which allows you to move freely between all of them but cost a touch more.  With only one day free for theme decided on The Magic Kingdom for maximum Disney World feel.


One of the other big considerations for our family was rides.  Even though our kids are a bit older they aren’t huge roller coaster kids, in fact neither one of them are really into roller coasters which is what makes Magic Kingdom so perfect.  The whole idea of the park is to embrace your inner kid so the “easier” rides really are for everyone.  However, if you are more adventurous, you can hit Space Mountain or the new 7 Dwarfs coaster and get your thrills.


Hilary & the family aboard the Teacups


To get the most out of your experience you really need to plan your day.   Disney has a great app to help you called My Disney Experience  thats free in the appstore and lets you do everything from linking your park tickets, checking wait times at rides, making dinner reservations, pre-ordering food to avoid line-ups and of course booking your FastPasses.

With every Disney ticket you are given 3 FastPasses that allow you to use a priority line rather than wait in the longer lineups. The key to the FastPass that we didn’t know, was to book them as soon as you buy your tickets, I think you can book them weeks in advance.  We booked ours throughout the day but if you book early, once you use all 3 the day of your visit, you can look at times available later in the day and book more.  One of the other reasons I love this is that it lets you get excited about your trip ahead of time.


I have to say, with all my expectations and hopes for this trip it was truly was a magical experience. I even shed a few tears, I talked about why on the show:

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Hilary talks about her first family vacation to Walt Disney World..

Originally Aired: February 17, 2020


One thing is for sure…wear your walking shoes, pack a water bottle and if you want to save a few bucks you can even pack your own snacks.  Disney, we’ll be back!