We tried it, and it worked great!   A total stranger from somewhere out there in the world got a positive text message we sent, and we got one of our own, through TextForHumanity.com

Since mid-January, thousands of texts have been criss-crossing the planet with uplifting, positive messages being sent and received by total strangers who just want to put a smile on each others’ faces.  Here’s how it works…


First text the word JOIN to this number, (+1) 833 421-4726.  You get one back asking you to agree to the terms and conditions (they promise not to share out your number)


Then text the word GO


From there you send your first name and your country, and they reply asking you to write and send a short, positive message.  Using your suggestions on Facebook and via text, I composed this one.


After you send it, it goes to… who knows?   But hopefully they enjoy it. 😉   Then… you wait…


After just a few minutes to receive a text of your own, and sure enough!  We got this nice message from Allison, who, as it turns out is a fellow Canadian.

After that, you can keep sending (and getting) as many as you want.  It’ll be fewer steps because you’re in the system.  Now go make someone’s day 🙂

(and thank you for helping me)


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