Election Day is October 21st.  All candidates names contain links to their websites so you can learn more about who is looking to represent you in Ottawa.

You can visit Elections Canada to register to vote or to volunteer at a polling station.  Information about polling locations is forthcoming.


Conservative MP – Karen Vecchio

PPC Candidate – Ken Gilpin

Liberal Candidate – Pam Armstrong

Green Party Candidate –

NDP Candidate –


London Fanshawe

(NDP MP Irene Mathyssen is not seeking re-election)

NDP Candidate – Lindsay Mathyssen

Liberal Candidate – Mohamed Hammoud

Conservative Candidate – Michael van Holst

Green Candidate – Tom Cull

PPC Candidate – Bela Kosoian


London North Centre

Liberal MP – Peter Fragiskatos

Conservative Candidate – Sarah Bokhari

NDP Candidate – Dirka U. Prout

Green Candidate – Carol Dyck

PPC Candidate – Salim Mansur


London West

Liberal MP – Kate Young

Conservative Candidate – Liz Snelgrove

NDP Candidate – Shawna Lewkowitz

Green Candidate – Mary Ann Hodge

PPC Candidate – Michael TJ McMullen