Last night, London fell in Love with the Frank Sinatra of our generation Michael Buble. (Well, as if you aren’t already totally in love with the man!)

Budweiser Gardens hosted the show and I was one of the lucky people in the audience to witness the amazing show.

I should backtrack a bit! The reason I went to Michael Buble was years ago, my step-dad Simon and I stumbled across a TV special of Michael. It was so good that by the time we were done being amazed…we realized it was 2am!! From that day forward we vowed to see him one day together. That day was July 29th, 2019.



Michael was such a delight! From beginning to end, he was a ball of energy! He played coy with the audience, he talked about life with us…and he rocked the stage like no ones business! He mixed his music with old jazz and blues together and by the end had EVERYONE giving him a standing ovation.

I thought I loved Buble before…it’s even MORE love now!

Check out some of my highlights below and seriously, if you have the chance to see Michael GO! You will NOT be disappointing!





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