1 The dogs days of summer are here and when it’s so hot out you need a break…the best place to go? THE MOVIES!


There are so many good ones out now and, based on these trailers all released TODAY…the next few months (or year really) is going to be pretty exciting as well!

Up first we have the spooky (Okay TERRIFYING) It Chapter 2 as Pennywise is back to terrorize his favourite children now grown-ups. (This is one list you DON’T want to be on!)


Then in December…the Musical Cats with a massive star-studded cast featuring  Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson…you get the picture! In all it’s feline glory with the hit song “Memories” you’ll be in a world of pure imagination!


Finally, and one that surprised everyone, the first triler of the sequel Top Gun Maverick! Tom Cruise is back as everyone’s favourite bad-boy who does’t look like he’s aged a day and yes, he’s still doing his crazy stunts. All I pray for is volleyball scene 2.0. PLEASE!!


Finally, the man, the myth, the legend…Mr Rogers! Portrayed by Tom Hanks, enjoy going back to your days of make-believe and fun with everyone’s favourite!

Lots to look forward to which means all the theatre fun…and popcorn. ALL.THE.POPCORN!