The weather is finally feeling like summer and it’s time to  enjoy the great outdoors, unfortunately the bugs also got the same memo!

Our very wet spring means the skeeters are going to be extra aggressive so we thought we would share a few hacks to make outdoor living a little more comfortable this season.   Hilary and Matt talked with EASY 101.3 listeners while Mark was away and asked how they keep the mosquitoes at bay.  Here’s what they had to say:


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Hilary shares mosquito hacks from EASY 101.3 listeners

Originally Aired: June 26, 2019


 “Hey EASY 101.3!  My Dad hates mosquitoes, so he bought 2 large industrial fans and puts them on the edge of the deck, facing the seating area. Mosquitoes hate wind! It makes a big difference! Have a great day!” – Celina


“Bats. Build a bat house and u won’t see skeeters. We back onto woods full of bugs, and the bats come out at dusk and gobble up 10x their weight in bugs a night- Meg”


“I heard garlic repels mosquitoes…. i have not tried it yet… but i bought a big jar of pure squeezed garlic and am going to sprinkle it in the backyard.  I am Italian, my neighbors won’t know the difference.. they will think I’m cooking… lol”


So what happens once you get the bites?   Hilary found this at the pharmacy this week and preliminary results are fantastic!   Spray Benedryl with a numbing agent that takes the itch out.


Good luck this summer and remember the best way to protect yourself from diseases that are spread by mosquitoes like West Nile are the following:


  • Get rid of standing water on your property
  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and socks.
  • Treat clothing with permethrin or purchase pretreated clothing.
  • Apply lotion, liquid, or spray repellent to exposed skin.
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