A new year, a bunch of new words going into the Merriam-Webster dictionary!
Just in case some of these are new to you, too, here’s some of them:

SWOLE – to “get swole” means to work out and bulk up

OMNISCIDE – means “the destruction of all life”, most often connected to climate change or other man-made destruction

BUZZY – refers to something that is creating a buzz, is popular

GARBAGE TIME – that time at the end of a game in sports, only moments remain and one team has such a big lead the losing team has no chance of catching up, and both teams have emptied their benches. (first started to be used around 1960, but just recently started gaining popularity)

How to they find/choose the words? Dozens of people read papers, magazines, academic journals, and even scripts for movies and television to guage words that are becoming more popular in usage.

In all, Merriam-Webster is adding 640 new words going in the dictionary this year. You have to get swole just to lift the thing!

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