– The Hunchback of Notre Dame is receiving some attention. Following the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral, a sense of nostalgia has hit people and the book climbed to number #1 on Amazon France. The book, called “Notre Dame de Paris” is the classic tale of Esmeralda and the Cathedral’s bell ringer Quasimodo.

– Yesterday on Spilling the Tee, I talked about the release of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner’s new perfume line, set to release April 26th. On Monday, who else did I say was releasing something on the 26th? Taylor Swift!!! There’s been rumours that Kim K is trolling T-Swifts surprise, which is rumoured to be new music. Apparently, Kim K and Taylor have had a long standing feud, after Kayne West called out Taylor Swift at some awards show years ago.

The “Sesame Street” gang will be hopping the old tour bus soon. Big Bird, Elmo and other stars of the legendary children’s T-V series will do a 10-city tour of the U-S this summer. Among the stops include New York, Washington, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles. The Muppets will spend two days in each town, hanging with local kids before hitting the stage. The tour begins June 1st. (The Canadian Press)