Ahhh prom. That final big hurrah with your friends, signifying the teenage years are about to be something you look fondly on as you enter into the young adult life.

It can be exciting and scary all in one…but as a girl one of the hardest parts of prom? Trying to find your perfect dress. I remember being a LITTLE stressed to find “The One” which I did (Thanks Mom and Simon!!) however one teenager is going viral online because she didn’t FIND her perfect dress…she MADE it!

17-year old Ciara Gan was not thrilled with a prom dress she had gotten made…so she started from scratch and she, along with her mother, created one of the most stunning outfits I have ever seen! This beautiful emerald-green ballroom gown includes Swarovski cyrstals along with hand-painted flowers on the skirt, which looks fit for any princess!


I just can’t get over how stunning this is…and how she is 17!! I’m 28 and can’t even patch-up a pair of pants, let alone create a gorgeous dress like this!

Since posting on her twitter account, people have been sharing it over and over and over again, all positive…some even creating their own pictures of the stunning dress! Check out the full story HERE and seriously, MAJOR props to this amazing high school student for making something so beautiful!



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