Hi!  I welcome any and all suggestions as to what I might do with this thing I just HAD to buy the other day (although I’m not exactly sure why…)

I’ll explain.

I was browsing through a ReStore the other day. I like to check those places once in a while because they have some great new and gently used finds for home renovation and decor, and, it’s a store that benefits “Habitat for Humanity. Win win!

I kept walking by this piece of furniture and thinking that I liked it, but also wondering how I could make this rustic charmer work in my home. I checked it for a price tag to make sure it wasn’t a display case that was owned by the store. I found the price tag in the back. $25!! They told me it just came in that morning, and they were considering keeping it. (Let’s just say they know how to make a sale)

I decided if I left it and drove away, I’d only be thinking about it and regretting afterward.


I love to repurpose things.

A couple of examples, a copper planter that doubles as a holder for my coasters:


An antique soup terrine that is a great “catch all” near the entrance way for things like pocket items and keys:

Things like that.

So yeah, I know this new thing I bought will be useful, and despite the fact it looks like it was made for a general store to display fresh produce, it will be great for my towels, or kitchen stuff.. or… ???   I just haven’t decided yet.

Any ideas for this?  What have you successfully repurpossed?
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