Australian businessman and politician Clive Palmer has announced that work on his long awaited project to build a Titanic II has started up again after clearing up an issue with his Chinese financier shut it down in 2015.

Allegedly the new ship will be an identical copy of the infamous liner, which sank in 1912 following a collision with an iceberg.
To avoid a repeat disaster, Titanic II will apparently be outfitted with plenty of life boats — and will have a welded, not riveted hull — plus modern navigation and radar equipment.


“The ship will follow the original journey, carrying passengers from Southampton to New York, but she will also circumnavigate the globe, inspiring and enchanting people while attracting unrivaled attention, intrigue and mystery in every port she visits,” said Palmer in a statement.
The maiden voyage, however, will take passengers from Dubai to New York in 2022.
The ship will have 835 cabins to accommodate up to 2,435 passengers with first-, second- and third-class tickets — just like in the original.
It’ll look exactly like the original Titanic — including the grand staircase that plays a memorable role in James Cameron’s hit movie.
No word on whether you have to dress up to board the ship, that looks like a lot of effort.
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