The SIU has found no reason to charge a London police officer following an investigation into an incident that happened back in 2016.

On November 11th, 2016, a London officer was called to a home where they received reports of an aggressive male. The male was allegedly throwing items around the home and onto the street and yelling at neighbours. He had also allegedly threatened to kill the police officers when they arrived.

The 23 year old man was arrested for uttering threats and resisting arrest. During his arrest he had repositioned his cuffs in an attempt to injure the officer, and during that altercation, the officer had punched the man three times, grabbed him, and put him to the ground where he was able to re-position his cuffs.

A complaint was filed when the suspect was diagnosed with a concussion.

A review of the case along with surveillance footage found the officer did not commit a criminal offence and no charges will be laid.