Hey everyone!

It’s Meghan Spotswood, your morning weekday news anchor and co-host alongside Mark Paine! I was born in the Ottawa Valley, but have grown up in Kitchener-Waterloo my whole life before making the move to London in 2016! I am a lover of all things purple, I am a huge Montreal Canadiens fan (which holds a lot of heat in my house as my boyfriend is a Toronto Maple Leafs Fan!) and typically on weekends you will see me with my camera capturing the love between couples on their wedding day.

Here’s some more facts about me!


How would other’s describe you? 

My friends and family would describe me as a jokester who loves to get to know people. You’ll find me singing at the top of my lungs in the car to all my favourite tunes and petting your dogs because, I LOVE DOGS! I unfortunately have never owned a dog, but I think that is my driving force to having so much love for them!!

My sister and I in Mexico

What’s Something Your Passionate About?

I LOVE photography. When I’m not at the station, I am photographing weddings, babies, families and expectant mothers. I am passionate about making memories for others to cherish and have for a lifetime. There is something about capturing those memories for my clients that makes my life that much more rewarding!!


Well after a week away in my paradise, I’m finally back and ready for the rest of the summer!! Here’s a few more “about me” facts: 1. I’ve been camping at Killbear Provincial Park since I was three years old. So this was my 23rd year up there! 2. Im currently on a Stephen King rampage. I just started reading his books and they are SO HARD TO PUT DOWN. I currently just finished up “Needful Things” 3. I know how to sail, although if you put me on a sailboat today my skills would be a little rusty. My Dad used to have a Hobie Cat and along with him teaching me, I also went to sailing school for a few summers 4. I cannot live without my planner. I literally take it everywhere with me. Planning is a huge part of my life, it gives me motivation and gives me something to look forward too! 5. I’m not a huuuuge fan of being in front of the camera, probably like most photographers are, but one of my goals this year was to document me more so I can look back on my personal growth That’s all for now!! Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday! • • • #megdowneyphotography #dowhatyoulove #muskokalife #muskoka #photographer #photography #weddingphotographer #lifestylephotographer #lifestylephotography #lifestyle #portrait #portraiture #portraitphotography #happy #ontario #ontariophotographer

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Doing what I love!


Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do?

Something I have always wanted to do is set up a fundraiser using my photography services for the better. Whether that be helping those less fortunate with needing new head shots, or photographing animals that are in need of a forever home! I have always wanted to be a teach photography classes for those who just want to learn how to get out of “auto” mode on their camera!


If I wasn’t in Radio I’d Probably Be…

Travelling the world and photographing weddings full time! I love going to weddings, from the décor to the florals, to the emotion and of course THE DANCING! Plus making people happy ain’t too shabby 😉


Who Is Your Inspiration?

This is always a tough question to answer. And I can’t narrow it down to just one – so I would say my Mom and my sister are my biggest inspiration. My mom has done SO much for me in my life and supported any dream I have ever wanted to go after. I only hope when I have children that I can be as an amazing of a mother as she is! My sister is an inspiration to me because she has taught me to have so much fun and enjoy every little moment of life. Also, knowing that she looks up to me makes me want to be the BEST person I can be!



My beautiful mother, sister and me!
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